About The Foundation & Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Historical Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Shipyard. To accomplish this, the Foundation supports the Portsmouth Naval  Shipyard Heritage Center, promotes research, and education, and sponsors special exhibits and events.

A Brief History of the Shipyard

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Navy’s oldest continuously working shipyard, was established on 12 June 1800.

In 1905 the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard hosted the Treaty of Portsmouth which ended the Russo – Japanese war.

During World War I, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard built the L8, the first submarine built at a US Navy shipyard.

During World War II over 78 submarines were built at the shipyard and the shipyard employed its highest number of employees, around 23,000 people.  On 27 January 1944 the shipyard launched a record of 4 submarines in one day.

The USS Portsmouth (SSN 707) , the USS Maine (SSBN 741) and the USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) were commissioned at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

In 2005, the shipyard earned the Meritorious Unit Commendation for service from 11 September 2001 to 30 August 2004.

The shipyard has diversified, hosting Navy, Army, and Coast Guard commands – all in support of homeland security.

E-mail pnsyhf@gmail.com Hours Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery Maine -- Certain access restrictions apply to the Heritage Center. Please click on the tab "Visiting the Heritage Center", at the top of the page, for further information.
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